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Istruzioni per il tuo parruchiere


How your regular hairdresser or barber can cut in your new hairpiece, even if they’ve never done it before.
Unlike the businesses who charge you fortunes for the identical hairpieces we sell for such a low price, we do not sell haircuts for hundreds. When you receive your new hairpiece from us, you will need to put it on with more tape than usual, that’s all the way round the edge and some across the crown, and go to the haircutting store of your choice.

The extra tape is there because the stylist will be pulling your hair between his or her fingers during the cut and the hairpiece could become loose if there are only a few strips of tape holding it on.

Print this out and show your stylist, or learn it and offer them expert instructions!

For the Stylist: The difference between cutting in a hairpiece and a regular haircut.
The hair which hangs down the back and sides must be left long so that it will BLEND in with the customer’s real hair. The customer’s real hair should not be cut too short, or there may be a visible line where the hairpiece hair ends, and the natural hair begins.

Feathering in the back and side edges of the hairpiece hair with thinning shears or the by the method of your choice will ensure that there will be no distinct line to give away the fact that this customer is wearing a hairpiece.

Start an inch away from the base of the hairpiece, and thin 10%. Further out , thin another 10% and so on until there are just a few strands at the tip for the blend.

This blending will be so effective that any differences in color etc. will go unnoticed.

Cutting the top and front is of course just like a regular haircut, except that this hair will never grow, so err on the side of too long rather than too short. They can always come again for a further length reduction.

Don’t thin out the top of the hairpiece as this will leave sticky-out hair and ruin the natural look and feel. It will thin itself out through shedding when it’s not so new. Also the hair will behave itself more when it’s been worn for a while!

Also, don’t pull too hard when lifting for the cut as you might break the bond with that adhesive tape. Be understanding of your customer’s feelings. Sometimes baldness can cause social anxiety, to say the least!

Lastly, thank you for using your skills to help create the wonderful new appearance of this client!

Feather the hairpiece edges to avoid a clear line
Keep the real hair long enough for those feathered edges to blend into

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