I brevetti degli agenti SOD


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The Patents

1) Method for Stimulating Hair Growth using GLH-Cu Complexes., Pickard, Loren, US Patent #5,117,061, assigned to Procyte Corporation, Pullman, Washinton.

2) GLH Pharmaceutical Compostitions and Compounds, US Pat# 5,214,032, Pickard, L. to Procyte Corporation.

Note: This is the ” Iamin ” or ” Tricomin ” patent. I get a lot of questions about this compound, which the media does know. Lots of you have probably heard of it. Iamin is the Tripeptide Glycine-Histidine-Lysine complexed with a metal. Another name for it is “Liver Cell Growth Factor”. It is a potent SODase. Procyte reports significant hair-growth stimulating ability in their animal and clinical trials. Like SODase itself, Iamin is a potent antiinflammatory agent.

3) His-Gly-Gly Peptide and Derivatives Thereof for Hair Growth. Kronholm et al, US Patent #5,252,559, to: Procter and Gamble Co.

Note: Ah-ha, the largest maker of hair care stuff in the world is getting into the act. Like Iamin, another metal- binding tripeptide with SODase activity. AKA ” Copper- Binding Peptide “. The structure is Histidine-Glycine- Glycine.

An interesting patent to me personally: in patents #4 and 6 below, we claim basic metal-binding peptides as a class and give as one example His-gly ” and the like “.Our US priority date is 1986, which antedates all the others.

4) Hair Growth Stimulation with Nitroxide and Other Radicals. EPO pat# 327263 B1., Proctor, P.

Note: All sorts of stuff. Basic peptides (e.g. Iamin ), SODases, nitroxide spintraps and spin labels, PBN, etc. acetylcysteine, radical scavengers, use of antiandrogens with hair growth stimulators, etc.,etc.. A ” prime patent ” which has caused several subsequent drug company patents to be rejected because of “prior art”. Gives you some Idea of where our research was several years ago.

5) Topical TEMPO, Proctor, P. US pat# 5,352,442.

Note: Unlike the Europeans, the US patent office won’t give prime patents in this area and is making us patent everything individually ( which is how P was able to step in ). This is the first US patent so far. Priority is what counts and we’ve sure got that.

TEMPO and related compounds are SODases, among other things. Researchers at the National Cancer Institute report that TEMPO and TEMPOL, also covered in this patent, prevent hair loss in radiation treatment. No, neither compond is in any of our formulas yet. However, a related compound, NANO, is in all our formulations.

6) Topical SOD for Treating Hair Loss,

Proctor, P. US Pat# 5,40,876

Abstract: SOD for treating hair loss is disclosed. The SOD has utility in a topical pharmaceutical formulation for the cosmetic treatment of hair loss and the cosmetic stimulation of hair growth. The SOD comprises copper salicylate, copper aspirinate, indomethacin copper, or a metal complex of an aminoacid and a transition metal.

This is the prime patent in this area. Even incorporates Trichomin, etc.

7) Tissue Protective and Regenerative Compositions US Pat # 5,382,431 Issue Date: 1-17-95 Pickart; Loren R. Bellevue WA

8) Dr. Peter H. Proctor has been granted several more additional US patents for Nitrone and niroxide spin traps and spin labels.


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