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E’ vero che gli uomini calvi producono più ormoni maschili e quindi sono più virili?


No, although most of us like to think so! Virility has long been associated with testosterone levels.

Men with high testosterone levels are supposedly more strong and virile. However, research has shown that there is no difference between the extent of baldness and the number of children fathered by a man. It is true that steroid hormones encourage an increase in muscle mass and sometimes it is true that high testosterone levels lead to male pattern baldness. Some weightlifters take anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass and they may also find that their rate of hair loss from androgenetic alopecia also accelerates.

However, the extent of male pattern baldness is not a direct indicator of testosterone levels. The extent of hair loss from pattern baldness is due to a complex interaction of several factors. Essentially, the extent of hair loss is dictated by the amount of “free” testosterone in the body and the level of enzyme activity to convert free testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) within the immediate vicinity of the hsusceptible hair follicles. The amount of free testosterone depends on the ratio of androgen hormones (that can be converted to testosterone) to androgen antagonists.

For example, a the level of hormones produced man may have high testosterone production but also high androgen antagonist production. The result is that there is very little free testosterone in his body and consequently he may be less likely to have extensive male pattern baldness. A man may have moderate testosterone production but very low androgen antagonist production. The result is the moderate testosterone producer has more free testosterone in his body than the high testosterone/antagonist producer. This individual is more susceptible to extensive pattern baldness, but the actual extent of baldness will also depend on how active the 5 alpha reductase enzyme is. If he has high enzyme activity and conversion of testosterone to DHT then his hair loss may be more extensive. Low level 5 alpha reductase activity will make extensive baldness less likely.

There are many other mechanisms within the steroid pathway that can modify susceptibility to baldness. Consequently no direct relationship can be shown between the level of hormones produced and the exntent of hair loss.


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