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Pulling tape off the lace or monofilament of your hairpiece is a bad idea! It will pull out hair from the hairpiece. It will pull out the entire knot and eventually the unit will be ruined.

Using CoolPiece Lace Release, Scalp Cleaner or other alcohol based product in a spray or squirt bottle, apply the alcohol through the lace part of the hairpiece onto the tape or glue below. Hold a paper towel so the product doesn’t run down your face to your eyes. Wait for the product to neutralize the adhesive and then peel off the hairpiece, leaving the tape or glue on your scalp.

If you use red or blue tape which has a very strong bond, work an alcohol soaked cotton swab between the unit and the tape before peeling back.

For the tape on the polyurethane coated sections of your hairpiece, remove the unit and the tape from the scalp and then ease off the tape using drips or sprays of CoolPiece Lace Release or similar alcohol-based product. Clean any adhesive residue from lace, monofilament, hair and polyurethane with our CoolPiece All-Purpose Adhesive Remover or similar oil-based solvent. (Available from our Adhesives page).

If you used oil-based solvent, wipe it away and rinse it out with alcohol-based cleaner. Finally use warm water and a mild shampoo to remove the removal products and dry the hairpiece by rolling in a towel.

If you see any hair on the tape, you’ve lost some hair. Be more careful next time!

Always be conscious of eye safety when working with adhesives, alcohol and solvent and don’t work near candles etc. Always wash solvent off your skin with soap and water.


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