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Come applicare la protesi


(with tape)
Taping It Up:
Peel backing off tape and apply to very edge of hairpiece.
Leave gaps for shampoo and water to drain out.

Method 1: The Alcohol Slide
Remove the paper on the other side, keeping the edge hair away from the adhesive. Spray a light mist of alcohol on the exposed tape.
Spray a light mist of isopropyl alcohol around the perimeter of your head where the tape will sit. This will enable the unit to be slid into final position before the glue sets.
Position the unit on your head and slide the taped edges into the correct position over the alcohol misted skin. Stretch and smooth out any folds or wrinkles at the edge. After a few seconds you are done.

Method 2: The Roll Down
Position the hairpiece on your head with the paper backing in place so it won’t stick yet.
Holding the crown of the hairpiece in it’s correct position with the flat of one hand, remove the backing from the front tape strip and press it into place at the front of your scalp.
Remove the backing from the strips at the temples and pull them down onto the scalp without undue stretching. The fit should be snug, but stretching will cause the shape of the hairpiece to be distorted and it won’t lie flat.
Remove the backing from the rest of the tape strips, from front to back and roll the piece down into place, ending at the back.
Press with fingers to secure the bond.

Method 3: Combination
Use The Alcohol Slide (isn’t that a cowboy dance’) at back and sides
Then use The Roll Down at the front.

Taping more perimeter reduces the chance of your intimate partner slipping a finger under the edge!
Leave some gaps in the tape to allow shampoo and water to drain out.
Just use the 3MIL glue tape at the very front and center. This will be less mess to clean up.

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