26 Settembre 2010

Solanova is the only company to offer Nexrutine at the 500mg dosage!

Nexrutine Extra is an exciting, all-natural supplement . A rapidly acting ingredient, Nexrutine Extra alleviates the pain associated with muscle and bone soreness associated and over-exertion or physical activity. Significantly, test subjects report that Nexrutine Extra not only eases general aches but also make everyday activity more comfortable.

No side effects: The lack of side effects is but one advantage Nexrutine Extra has over other painkillers like ibuprofen, naproxen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Nexrutine Extra's unique mechanism of action is an even more compelling attribute. A comparison with the other inflammatory drugs serves as a good illustration.

First, Nexrutine Extra inhibits the Cox-2 enzyme, a chemical in the body that causes inflammation. Unlike other Cox-2 inhibitors, Nexrutine Extra does not act directly on the enzyme itself. Instead, Nextrutine Extra's true strength resides in its ability to inhibit the actual production of the enzyme that leads to inflammation so it shuts off the problem at the source. Another unique quality: Nexrutine Extra selectively inhibits the Cox-2 enzyme. This means that it does not interfere with another related enzyme in the body, the Cox-1 enzyme.

This good Cox enzyme is involved in maintaining the lining of the stomach and also promotes kidney function. Nexrutine Extra leaves the Cox-1 alone to do its work. Yet the same cannot be said of other NSAIDs. Many such over-the-counter painkillers block both Cox enzymes. And over-use of these medicines can prove dangerous.

che ne pensate?potrebbe essere vagamente utile anche per i capelli o dannoso?chiedo perche non ho capito se bloccare la cox 2 puo essere utile o meno [:I]


9 Maggio 2004
Ma immagino che sia ricco di ...rutina, che è il glicoside della quercetina .


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