Influence of dosing time on the efficacy and safet


16 Giugno 2009
Influence of dosing time on the efficacy and safety of finasteride in rats.

Finasteride (FIN), a widely used medication for the treatment of androgen-dependent diseases, blocks the conversion of testosterone to a more potent androgen, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). In this study, we investigated a dosing time-dependent effect and safety of FIN in rats. Androgen receptor (AR) mRNA and nuclear protein levels exhibited clear daily rhythms with the peak during the dark period in the prostate and during the light period in the liver. Repeated oral administration of FIN (5 or 100 mg/kg) at 3 h after lights on (HALO) for 2 weeks decreased serum DHT concentration throughout a 24-h period, whereas the dosing of the agent at 15 HALO decreased its level only transiently even in the higher dose group. FIN caused laboratory abnormalities in the 3 HALO group but not in the 15 HALO group. However, the effect of FIN on the prostate weight was not influenced by the dosing time. These results suggest that the safety, but not effect, of FIN depends on its dosing time in rats. The dosing of FIN in the active period might be a rational dosage regimen, which is needed to be confirmed in human subjects.

Il tempo di assunzione della fina incide sul dht sierico ma può creare valori sballati in alcuni parametri. Invece per quanto riguarda la prostata gli effetti non sono influenzati dall'ora di assunzione.

Ho letto anche lo studio intero ma non sono sicuro di aver capito cosa intendono per Halo (hours after light on) perchè le conclusioni dello studio In summary, the dosing time of FIN did not influence its
efficacy on prostate weight but affected hepatic laboratory
abnormalities. Further clinical studies are needed to determine whether the dosing of FIN in the morning is a rational
dosage regimen to obtain sufficient efficacy and avoid the
adverse effects. mi sembrano in contrasto con quelle dell'abstract.